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Past Workshops Offered*

Contact Improv with Laura Munoz & Sayda Trujillo                                       Playwriting with J.M. Wilkerson

Musical Theatre Dance with Cleo DeOrio                                                          Directing with Jane Hill, Peggy Metzger, Kaitlyn Rosin & Susan Abbey

Storytelling Through Musical Theatre with Craig Benson                             Teen Acting with Roman Sanchez

Acting Scene Study with James Peck & Sarah Peters                                        Acting: Finding the Beat with Ruthi Engelke

Production Stage Management with Roman Sanchez                                     Acting: The Power of Intention with Kaitlyn Rosin 

Young Artist's Professional Development with Roman Sanchez                   Lighting Design with Derek Lane

Approaches to Design with Derek Lane                                                              Playing For Keeps with Alejandro Rodriguez

Theatrical Collaboration and Communication with Kaitlyn Rosin               Character: Action and Response with Stephen Buescher

Directing Your Peers with Stefanie Sertich                                                        The Anatomy of a Stage Manager with Nikki Hyde

A Conversation About EDIA with Mariana Moscoso                                        Writing in Space with Pratik Motwani

Theatre Beyond High School with Roman Sanchez                                          Artist's Branding and Social Media with Roman Sanchez

*Some Workshops offered through partnership with Humboldt State University and Redwood Curtain Theatre

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