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Producer, Director, Educator

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  • Artist Branding & Social Media

  • Mansplainin' Privilege, Patriarchy, and Post-Colonialism in the Theatre

  • Funding Your Art: Grants, Fundraising, and Diversifying Your Income

  • Foundations of Grant Writing & Research

  • Peer Pressure: Working With Your Peers

  • A Guide To Pursuing Theatre Beyond High School

  • Young Entrepreneurship: Getting What You Want

  • More Than A Show: Creating An Experience For Audiences

Coaching & Guidance

I am available for hire in the following areas:

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Self-Producing Guidance & Mentoring

  • Audition Coaching

    • Acting

    • Competitive Acting

    • College Auditions

    • Script/Scene Analysis

Roman's students have gone to win Local and Regional competitions, gain acceptance into their dream undergraduate and graduate schools, and land gigs around the country.  

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by Jim McManus

Pictured: Gary Sommers, Isaiah Alexander, Donald Forest

Producers: Dell'Arte Inc, Blue Ox Millworks

Directors: Roman Sanchez & Michael Fields

Scenographer: Lynnie Horrigan

Lighting: Michael "Spike" Foster

Sound: Brian Post

Production Manager: Kaitlyn Samuel Rosin

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