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Conceived by Executive Artistic Producer Lo Williams, Synesthesia  spans five individual pieces that each stimulate one of the five senses. These pieces aim to expand the accessibility of theatre for all persons with different abilities, as well as celebrate neurodiversity.

Applications to join the collaborative cohort devising these pieces are open until

August 12, 2022 at 11:59pm PST.

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Inspired by the concept of synesthesia, the experience of one sense through the stimulation of another (i.e. hearing a sound and seeing color), we are creating new and bold mini productions aiming to provoke the senses and heighten the audience's experience. Through these productions, we hope to push the boundaries of what theatre, film, performance, and art can look like by:

  1. continuing to expand the boundaries of what is deemed “accessibility theatre”. 

  2. addressing the intersection of race, class, and different abilities and its effect on the quality of life in America.

  3. overcoming challenges and setting expectations of theatre-making to new heights.

What The Cohort Does

The Synesthesia Cohort will work collaboratively to devise and produce five unique artistic experiences, each centered on one of the five senses. Time commitment is flexible, and the schedule for creation is formed as a collective. This is a volunteer opportunity, with a participant honorarium of $125.*

*At Lime Arts, we believe in paying artists. As a grassroots organization grant-funded by the California Arts Council, we have limited funds to produce our projects. Our Participant Honorariums are a show of good faith that we honor your time and artistic contributions, and we gift them with a commitment to growing our offerings to artists as we grow our organization financially.

Eligibility: an interest in doing (or learning to do) any of the following artistic pursuits:

• acting

• filmmaking

• sound editing

• video editing

• fashion design

• content creation

• playing an instrument

• drawing

• painting

• speaking languages

• modeling

• writing (of any kind)

Applicants are expected to participate in devising material for the following release months:

September  ::  Sound

October  ::  Smell

December  ::  Taste

February  ::  Sight

April  ::  Touch

Click to complete the application form.

(deadline: August 12, 2022).

You will hear from the producers of Synesthesia the week of August 15, 2022.