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Conceived by Executive Artistic Producer Lo Williams, Synesthesia  spans five individual pieces that each stimulate one of the five senses. These pieces aim to expand the accessibility of theatre for all persons with different abilities, as well as celebrate neurodiversity.

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The Olfactory Gallery

Smell: The Olfactory Gallery (Memories of Home) is a digital gallery created and curated by the Synesthesia cohort. Featuring a range of mediums including short film, poetry, and prose, the artists of the Olfactory Gallery answer the question, What Does Home Smell Like to You?. Explore these multimedia, deeply personal responses in our free, virtual gallery. Best perused in desktop view.


a blackout comedy event

Sound: A Blackout Comedy Event is the first piece of Lime Arts' Synesthesia, a five-part, mixed-media series dedicated to the 5 Senses. What is a Blackout Comedy Event? It celebrates Black comedians, and our performers are all members of the Black diaspora. The sense in focus is Sound, particularly the sound of laughter. To highlight the sensory experience of sound, lighting will be manipulated in the space to emphasize audiences' attention on the sonic experience.

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Inspired by the concept of synesthesia, the experience of one sense through the stimulation of another (i.e. hearing a sound and seeing color), we are creating new and bold mini productions aiming to provoke the senses and heighten the audience's experience. Through these productions, we hope to push the boundaries of what theatre, film, performance, and art can look like by:

  1. continuing to expand the boundaries of what is deemed “accessibility theatre”. 

  2. addressing the intersection of race, class, and different abilities and its effect on the quality of life in America.

  3. overcoming challenges and setting expectations of theatre-making to new heights.

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